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Dräger Alcotest® 7000 Police alkometer (nykalibreret)

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Politiets alkometer i Skandinavien og UK. Danmarks billigste (Prisjagt og Pricerunner)

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Dräger Alcotest 7000

  • High-precision alcohol measurement technology from the German brand manufacturer Dräger.
  • Conforms to the European standard EN15964.
  • Approval and many other national and international standards and regulations.
  • Enormously resistant and robust; Corresponds to protection class IP54
  • Passive tests as well as tests with a mouthpiece and with a funnel are possible.
  • Bluetooth connection to smartphone app and printer, 12-month calibration interval

Dräger Alcotest 7000 allows you to easily check the alcohol content of the exhaled air. The 1/4" measuring technology used in the device is the same as in police testers used for precise measurements of alcohol in exhaled air.

The tester can work in two modes: using a mouthpiece or a funnel cap for faster testing. This saves time and a lot of effort. If the test result with the funnel cap is positive, replace it with the mouthpiece for an even more accurate result. The shape of the "Slide-n-click" mouthpiece chamber allows for intuitive fitting, also in the dark.

The device has a wide measuring range of 0.00 ~ 3.00 mg/L (0.00 ~ 6.00‰) and is ready for use almost immediately after start-up. Messages on the large, backlit display guide the operator through measuring the alcohol content. LEDs and a sound signal inform about the end of the measurement. Two function buttons are used to navigate through the menu, allowing you to use, for example, the option of viewing the latest test results.

The tester works precisely even in extreme temperatures: -10 ~ 55°C. Built-in memory allows you to save up to 30000 tests (basic information) or 10000 tests (detailed information). Breathalyzer sends real-time measurement results to the app, printer and cloud.

Alcotest 7000 is powered by 3 x 1.5V alkaline battery, type AA. One set is enough to perform approx. 1500 tests. The breathalyzer has a low voltage indication and a built-in USB-C port.


Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 7000 can be used in small, medium and large companies, e.g. for periodic or random checks of employees. It will prove useful when a large number of measurements should be carried out in a short period of time (eg during "mass" control of employees, participants of sports events, in discos, schools, prisons, military units, etc.).


  • Electrochemical Dräger sensor in 1/4" technology
  • High measuring range up to 6.00‰
  • Two measurement options: mouthpiece (accurate), funnel (screening)
  • Display resolution up to two decimal places
  • Indication on the display when the measuring range is exceeded
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 module for use with a Dräger Mobile Printer BT
  • Large, very legible and language-neutral LCD display with background illumination
  • LED diodes supplementing the display indications
  • Short time to prepare for work <3 sec.
  • Counter of performed measurements
  • Memory 30,000 tests (basic information) or 10,000 tests (detailed information)
  • Powered by AA battery allowing the performance of approx. 1500 tests
  • 12 months warranty
Sensor type
Electrochemical DrägerSensor in 1/4" technology
Measurement range
0.00 ~ 3.00 mg/L (0.00 ~ 6.00‰)
Measurement units
‰ (permille), mg/L, μg/100 mL, μg%, μg/L, g/210 L, g/L, %, mg/100 mL, mg%, mg/mL
* Possibility to change the measurement unit by user. Factory setting: mg/L
Display resolution
0.01 ‰
Accuracy of indications
±0.008 mg/L (fot range 0.00 ~ 0.50 mg/L)
±1.7% of the measurement value (for range > 0.50 mg/L)
* at temp. 25°C. For a correctly calibrated device.
Alarm threshold
Time to prepare for work
~ 3 seconds
* Time to prepare the device for the first measurement.
Sampling time
~ 3 seconds (at 0.00)
~ 10 seconds (at 1.00‰, at 25°C)
Measurement modes
Fast - with a funnel
Normal - with a mouthpiece
Sampling mode
30 000 tests (basic information) or 10 000 tests (detailed information)
Cooperation with application
Drager add - free download on the Google Play Store and App Store
Cooperation with printer
Yes, via the Bluetooth module
2.4 ”QVGA TFT color display, 320 x 240
Possibility to change the display contrast
Complementary indications
Two tricolor LEDs complement the indications on the display
Signaling of incorrect operation
ASA/PC material, impact resistant - color black
Protection class IP54
For personal use
Small and medium companies
Big companies
Sockets, connectors, ports
Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 for use with the Dräger Mobile Printer BT
Additionally included
Mouthpieces - 3 pcs.
USB / USB-C cable
Hand strap
User manual
Warranty card
Power source
Alkaline version (3 x 1.5V alkaline battery, type AA)
Battery life
± 1500 tests (alkaline version)
Energy saving
Automatic power off in case of longer inactivity
Battery discharge indication
Working conditions
Temperature: -10 ~ 55°C
Humidity: 10 ~ 100% RH
Ambient pressure: 600 ~ 1300 hPa
Storage conditions
Temperature: -20 ~ 60°C
Humidity: 15 ~ 75% RH (10 ~ 100% RH: max 48h) - without batteries
Certificates and approvals
CE mark
Vibrations and shocks - EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-6; EN 60068-2-64
Recommended calibration
Every 12 months by Alcotrack
Free calibration
12 months