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About Alcotrack

ScanShop is a privately-held company that has grown to become a market leader in the UK in the advancement of personal safety and monitoring devices.

Our dedication to improving the quality of breathanalyzers has resulted in the development of our newest consumer-level products - the AL6000, AL7000 and AL9000. AL6000 and AL7000 are the first and only consumer breathanalyzers that eliminate the need for inconvenient process of re-calibration by offering easy-to-replace pre-calibrated sensor modules. In 2009, ScanShop expanded its product lines to include highly accurate fuel cell-based breathanalyzer called AL9000 for professional and industrial use. This breathanalyzer is used by professional organizations for both evidential alcohol testing and alcohol screening applications.

ScanShop is a full-service breathanalyzer company, providing calibration and repair services, as well as development and integration of advanced testing applications.

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